Julian Woodford: The Boss of Bethnal Green

Discover the breathtakingly appalling life of Huguenot descendant Joseph Merceron (1764-1839). Discover the life of Joseph Merceron, gangster and corrupt magistrate, businessman and local politician, with the author of ‘The Boss of Bethnal Green’, Julian Woodford. Ruling Spitalfields and Bethnal Green for half a century, Merceron gave the East End a lingering reputation for ruthlessness […]

Museums at Night

We will open our doors in the evening for a talk as well as the opportunity to taste a selection of South African wines. As part of the national Museums at Night celebration, we will open our doors in the evening. Join us as we explore the connections between Huguenots and South Africa. Although vines […]

Ben Marsh Unravelled Dreams: The Challenges of Growing Silk in New Worlds c.1500-1840

University of Kent lecturer Dr Ben Marsh explores the varied efforts to grow silk in Northern Europe and the Americas. In this talk, Dr Marsh will concentrate particularly on attempts to grow silk in England and those involving Huguenot connections, explaining how and why they often failed and examining what these enterprises tell us about […]

Museum and French Hospital Tour

Visit the museum and take a behind the scenes tour of The French Hospital, the Huguenot almshouses on Rochester High Street. This is an opportunity to see paintings and objects in The French Hospital that are not on permanent public display. We are always lucky enough to joined after the tour by a resident who […]