Family History Research

If you are interested in finding out whether you have Huguenot heritage, we offer a Family History research service. For the price of admission, we offer a preliminary check to look into whether you might have Huguenot ancestry. If you wish to pursue the research further, the charge is £20 for up to two hours research.

If you contact us without visiting the Museum the charge is £25 for up to two hours research, though we will discuss the likelihood of Huguenot ancestry with you, before taking your payment.

If you would like any more information, please email or call on 01634 789 347.

Our research is done by experienced and dedicated volunteers but they are not always here so please do not make a special journey without calling us first. If you do make a visit for family history please bring with you the research that you have done, or email it to us.

We also have a growing collection of manuscripts and books which can be consulted by appointment, so please contact us in advance as you will not be able to consult material if you don’t have an appointment.

You may also wish to consult The Huguenot Library which was formed from the collections of the Huguenot Society and French Hospital. It contains the most complete body of Huguenot Literature in the country and is currently housed at The National Archives in Kew. Please contact their Librarian for details: