Family History Research

Did you know 1 in 6 English people may be of Huguenot descent? With our Family History service you might just discover heritage you didn’t know about.

You do not need to be an expert on your family tree – we have been able to help people who can only go so far back as far as their grandparents. All we need is some information about as many people as you know in your family tree, such as birth, baptism, marriage or death dates. Please remember to include places as well as dates where you can. Any details you can provide are helpful to allow our researchers narrow down their search. Through a variety of records we will then try to link your family with recorded Huguenots who may have come here from the 1500s to the early 18th century.

‘Volunteer researcher Alan provided much information about my family and history, identifying family in Norfolk back to the 1600s not previously known to any of my living relatives.’ Harry Angstrome, Feb 2020, Tripadvisor 

The charge for this research is £25 for up to two hours research. We will discuss the likelihood of Huguenot ancestry with you before taking payment. The cost of your research will go to support the Museum as we have no ongoing funding and we lost significant income during the enforced closure earlier in the year. If you visit the Museum and buy a ticket a discount of £5 applies.

For more information, please email

PLEASE NOTE: We will not take on any new cases from 13 September as our Visitor Services Co-ordinator has moved on and we will not be able to resume the service until her replacement is in post, which we expect to be by the end October. Our volunteers will continue to work on cases already in progress.