Refugee Week : A Green Pocket Book

‘Some years ago my mother told me that she had given away ‘A Jermy Pocketbook’ which she had found in her grandmother’s attic….’ This was written by Anne Boothroyd who recently contacted us to see if we could help with her family history. She already knows quite a lot about her Huguenot ancestors. As we […]

Refugee Week 2020: A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven Imagine this: after months, and perhaps years of struggle, persecution and living a life of fear and need, you now find yourself in a safe harbour (literally)!    How do you feel? … Relief, disbelief, sorrow for those you left behind? Hope, trepidation about where you are and how to communicate…? Uncertain about […]

BLINK: inspired by the Huguenot story

Hi I’m Kat, and I’m one of the young producers from Medway who worked on BLINK: an exciting interactive walk through experience which explored peace in the UK, with the grand finale landing on Sheerness. BLINK was made up of five giant eyes, and each eye represented an area; Dewsbury, Stoke, Peterborough and Medway + […]

Volunteer spotlight: Work Experience

Meet work experience student Ellie, who has written a blog about her experience here. Obtaining the opportunity to complete work experience at the Huguenot Museum has been a truly enlightening experience and has widened my passion for History even further as a sixth form student. Over the years I have visited numerous museums across the […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Work Experience

Maddy Clarke, sixth form student from The Rochester Grammar School, describes her work experience placement with the museum. As a student with a love for history, completing my work experience in a museum was an obvious decision, and I have had the opportunity to shadow the employees within the Huguenot Museum for the week. In […]

Book Club Review: The Lodger

Esther Cawte, French and German graduate from UCL and one of our volunteers, writes about the Book Club’s June read ‘The Lodger’ by Charles Nicholl.    In May, we read Charles Nicholl’s The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street, as several visitors to the museum had recommended it. The starting point of the book is in […]