Adding to FAQs

  • There are various places on the site where you might have FAQs such as the learning section.
  • FAQs are individually added under ‘FAQs’ on the left hand side
  • Add a new FAQ as you would any post
  • Enter the question into the title field
  • Enter the answer into the main text area.
  • Tick the corresponding category that the FAQs belong to (this will determine which page the FAQ will appear on e.g. all the FAQs on this page have ‘Editing tips’ ticked.)
  • Save/update the FAQ
  • To create a new FAQ category click ‘FAQs > Categories’ on the left hand side
  • Enter a name for the category and a slug (URL with no gaps)
  • To create the list of FAQs on a page first create that page under ‘pages’ on the left hand side
  • In the main text area enter this code:
  • Change “your-category” to the slug you created earlier