The Gravelle family was believed to have arrived in England during the reign of Charles II. They were carvers and guilders and based themselves in London. This information was shared with the Huguenot Museum by one of our visitors. Do you have a Huguenot story? Share yours with the museum today.

Van Sommer

Certificate of the Huguenot Society

Paul Van Sommer came to England and went on to become an engraver. He kept a print shop in Newport Street, near Leicesterfields London, in the 1690s and 1700s. His engravings included one of Israel Antoine Aufrère. Paul’s son, John Van Sommer (1705-1774) was a silk designer living in Spitalfields. John was apprenticed to Joseph […]


Isaac Gosset

Jean Gosset was a Huguenot who settled in St Helier, Jersey. His son, Issac Gosset (1713-1799), came to London where he was raised by his uncle Matthew who was a wax-modeller. Issac learnt the trade from Matthew and became one of the best wax modellers of the 1700s. He was known as ‘Ingenious Mr Gosset’. […]


Gainsborough Dupoint

The Dupont family arrived in England by way of Philip Dupont, a Huguenot minister who fled following the Revocation. After arriving he was ordained into the Anglican faith and in 1686 granted naturalisation. Philip, his grandson, was a carpenter who married Sarah Gainsborough. Sarah was the sister of the famous painter Thomas Gainsborough. Their son, […]