The Cazenove family can trace their routes back to Bas-Languedoc in the late 12th, early 13th century. In 1685 the Cazenove family, like many other Huguenot families, escaped France. Pierre Cazenove, his bother Charles and their sisters Marie and Madeleine fed to Geneva. 20 years later their brother Jean-Pierre followed. Pierre soon became involved in […]


Isaac Minet (1660-1745) was the son of a grocer in Calais. After the revocation of the Edict of Nantes Isaac and his mother hid in the house of a Dutch shopkeeper but on attempting to escape they were captured, imprisoned and forced to abjure their faith. Isaac’s brother Stephen was already in England and between […]

Le Heup

Peter Le Heup

Peter Le Heup (1699-1777) was a banker and the son of one of the original French Hospital directors. He became under clerk to the Treasury in 1721. Just a year later he married Clara Lowndes, daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. By 1752 he was Chief Clerk and Director of Government Lotteries. The House […]


Image of Houblon taken from a £50 note

Sir John Houblon (1632-1711) was the first Governor of the Bank of England. He came from a merchant family who traded with France, Portugal, Spain and the Mediterranean. James Houblon, his father, was the son of a Huguenot refugee from Lille. His mother was Mary, daughter of Jean du Quesne (a colleague of James’ and […]


Anthony Chamier

The Chamier family sought refuge in England after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Daniel Chamier, a minister, came to London. His grandson Anthony Chamier with Jean Chamier were both elected directors of the French Hospital in the 1780s. Anthony initially worked on the stock exchange, but later became Deputy Secretary at War (1772), […]


Jean Bosanquet

The Bosanquet family were an important Huguenot family. David Bosanquet was a director of the London Assurance (1729-44), three other members of the family (Samuel, William and Richard) became directors of the Royal Exchange Assurance in the late 18th century and Jacob and Charles Bosanquet were members of Lloyds Insurance during the Napoleonic wars. David […]