Silver Plate

Lewis (Louis) De Tudert was one of the original directors of the French Hospital. On his death in 1739 he left bequests of £100 each to the French Hospital and the Spitalfields ‘Soupe’. Lewis also gave £50 to the original appeal for the French Hospital and acted as guarantor to ‘inmates’ of the Hospital. In […]


Sir John Silvester (1745-1822) was Recorder of the City of London. A Recorder would have recorded pleas in the court of the Lord Mayor of London and delivered their judgments. John was also a Fellow of the Royal Society and Society of Antiquaries. His father was Sir John Baptist Silvester (1914-1789) who was a physician […]


Robert Lewis Roumieu

Robert Lewis Roumieu was an architect, director and treasurer of the French Hospital. The French Hospital building at Victoria Park, Hackney, was designed by him. A number of plans of the building were donated to the French Hospital by his son RS Roumieu. RS Roumieu also became a director of the French Hospital and their […]


The Pleydell-Bouverie’s are one of the most distinguished Huguenot families. Laurens des Bouverie was the first of the family to arrive in England where he settled in Sandwich with his wife. From here he set up his first silk factor in Canterbury. Lauren’s descendent, Jacob des Bouverie became the First Viscount Folkestone in 1747 and […]


Sir Henry William Peek

The Peek family trace their Huguenot descent through the Le Maitre Family. The Le Maitres originally came from Dieppe and married into the Peek family in the 1800s. Sir Henry William Peek (d.1898) was director and deputy governor of the French Hospital and was a founder member of the Huguenot Society. He collected a vast […]


The Norris family originally owned the Victoria Park site where the French Hospital was based for some time. They had held this land in their family for two hundred years before selling it to the French Hospital for £1600 per acre. The Norris family traced their Huguenot routes through the Du Quesne (or Du Cane) […]


Louis Montolieu

Colonel Louis Montolieu was lieutenant-colonel of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards and became a director of the French Hospital in 1759. His son, Louis (c. 1761-1822), married Elizabeth Le Heup, daughter of Peter and Clara Le Heup and became baron de Saint-Hippolyte. His painting is shown here. The Monolieu family continued to have ties […]


oil painting of Ménard in an oval gilt frame. He wears a wig and white cravat.

Philippe Ménard was the executor of Gastingy’s will and the driving force behind the founding of the French Hospital. He launched the first public appeal for funds in 1718 and as the first chaplain gave the opening sermon. He was also secretary of the French Hospital from its founding until his death in 1737. Philippe […]