Sir John Silvester (1745-1822) was Recorder of the City of London. A Recorder would have recorded pleas in the court of the Lord Mayor of London and delivered their judgments. John was also a Fellow of the Royal Society and Society of Antiquaries. His father was Sir John Baptist Silvester (1914-1789) who was a physician […]


The Sanxay family originated from Tonnay Boutonne. Daniel Sanxay’s father, a Protestant minister, was a Huguenot refugee. Daniel followed in his father’s footsteps and became an Anglican priest. He settled in Epsom where he married Jane Antrobus. Here, he became headmaster of the local school Cheam (the oldest private preparatory school in England). Daniel’s son, […]



The Garnier family came from Vitry, Champagne. Isaac Garnier (1631-1712) was born there and went on to study medicine and chemistry. However, because he was a protestant he was denied his apothecary’s diploma. In 1685 he fled to England where he became Apothecary General to Chelsea Hospital. His eldest son, also Isaac (1671-1736) followed in […]


Paul Buissiere

The Buissiere family were directors of the French Hospital in the 18th century. Paul Buissiere (director and Governor of the French Hospital) came to England where he was naturalised in 1688. A surgeon and anatomical writer, he built a reputation as a skilled practitioner in London, even attending to Queen Caroline of Ansbach. Paul was […]