Jean Rondeau fled France to settle in Spitalfields, London. Born in Sedan, Ardennes (France), Jean died in Spitalfields in 1740. His son, Jean Roncdeau, was a Master Silkweaver in Spitalfields and later became Sexton of Christ Church, Spitalfields. This information was shared with the Huguenot Museum by one of our visitors. Do you have a […]

St Colome

Henry de St Colome

Henri de Saint-Colome was part of the original French Committee, led by Philippe Ménard and the merchant Jaques Baudouin. They went on to become the first directors of the French Church, Henri de Saint-Colome was a minister of the Artillery church and a director of ‘La Soupe’. Henri was elected a director of the French […]


Reverend Jacques Saurin

Jacques Saurin originated from Nîmes. He travelled to England from Geneva with Stephen Romilly. When Jacques arrived in England he had not yet been ‘received’ into the ministry. This meant that Jacques could not practice as a minister until he was elected. In 1701, Jacques was elected and served for the next five years as […]


The Sanxay family originated from Tonnay Boutonne. Daniel Sanxay’s father, a Protestant minister, was a Huguenot refugee. Daniel followed in his father’s footsteps and became an Anglican priest. He settled in Epsom where he married Jane Antrobus. Here, he became headmaster of the local school Cheam (the oldest private preparatory school in England). Daniel’s son, […]


oil painting of Ménard in an oval gilt frame. He wears a wig and white cravat.

Philippe Ménard was the executor of Gastingy’s will and the driving force behind the founding of the French Hospital. He launched the first public appeal for funds in 1718 and as the first chaplain gave the opening sermon. He was also secretary of the French Hospital from its founding until his death in 1737. Philippe […]


Reverend Joseph Claude Meffre

The Reverend Joseph Claude Meffre (1766-1845) was originally a Catholic priest living in Toulon. Joseph fled to England following the French Revolution in 1794. He joined the Church of England following a public scandal in Salisbury. From 1826 to 1847 Joseph served as the last French speaking chaplain of the French Hospital.


David Hubert

David Hubert was a founder of the French Protestant Charity School at Westminster. His family were members of the Threadneedle Street Church in London and lived in the Strand. The Westminster French Charity School was founded in 1747 specifically for the descendants of Huguenot refugees.


Revd Thomas Herve

The Reverend Thomas Hervé was born between 1648 and 1688. As a younger man Thomas was a Capuchin Friar at La Rochelle where we persecuted the protestants. After reading some of the Huguenot books he confiscated. Thomas converted to protestantism and escaped to Holland. Between 1727 to 1731 he came to London where he became […]