Jean Henri Guinland

Jean-Henri Guinand was director and deputy-governor of the French Hospital. In 1742 he carried out an inventory of the hospital. This inventory provides an invaluable insight into the way of life of the inmates, staff and directors of the French Hospital. Jean-Henri arrived in England in 1713 from Geneva. He was an active director and […]


Richard Girauld

Richard Hervé Giraud was director of the French Hospital and the first Worshipful Master of the Huguenot Lodge. This masonic lodge (No. 2140) was intended to attract members of Huguenot families. Richard descended from Thomas Hervé the pastor who was immortalised by Hogarth in Noon. Richard was also one of the three French Hospital directors […]


Raymond Gaches

Raymond Gaches came from the Languedoc region of France and was the son of a judge. Raymond became a Huguenot minister at Charenton in 1654 and stayed minister there until 1660. Whilst at Charenton it was his duty to look after the English and other Protestants residing in France. When Raymond came across to England […]


The Fasquest family lived in Drôme and hid their faith. Family story tells that during a search of their home this bible was baked in a loaf of bread to hide it from state soldiers. The title page has been removed to conceal the printer’s identity. The pages also list a record of family births, […]


Gainsborough Dupoint

The Dupont family arrived in England by way of Philip Dupont, a Huguenot minister who fled following the Revocation. After arriving he was ordained into the Anglican faith and in 1686 granted naturalisation. Philip, his grandson, was a carpenter who married Sarah Gainsborough. Sarah was the sister of the famous painter Thomas Gainsborough. Their son, […]

Du Four

Paul Du Four

Paul Dufour and his wife Madeleine (née Mariette) received naturalisation in England in 1688. They became members of the French Church, Threadneedle Street in 1699. In 1718 Paul was made a director of the French Hospital and later became treasurer. Madeleine had a large fortune from a previous marriage and when she died (1734) left […]


John Theophilus Daubuz

The Daubuz family came to England at the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685). Julia Daubuz and her family fled the Guienne Province in France in order to have religious freedom in England. One of Julia’s children, Charles Daubuz became a minister and a writer. He was admitted to Queen’s College, Cambridge in 1689 […]


The Coligny brothers lived during the 16th century. Gaspard de Coligny commanded the armies of France before he became a Huguenot. After this point he led the Protestant campaigns during the Second War of Religion (1567-1570). Gaspard was largely responsible for securing the Treaty of St Germain (1570). This treaty gave the Huguenots freedom to […]