Frederic Albert Winsor

Frederick Winsor was a secretary and director of the French Hospital. His father, Friedrich Albrecht Winzer, founded the Gas Light and Coke Company in 1812.


Sir Henry Wagner

The Wagner family claim their Huguenot heritage through the Teulon family. Henry Wagner (1840-1926) was a major contributor of documentation to the Huguenot Library for which he amassed a collection of Huguenot wills, abstracts and pedigrees. Henry was elected as a director of the French Hospital in 1865 and a Fellow of the Society of […]


Guy de Vicouse

The Viçouse family were an ancient Languedoc family. They fought in the Battle of Ivry in 1590 which was won by the Huguenots and were said to have been gifted a white plume by Henry of Navarre which now forms part of their family crest. Guy de Viçouse, baron de La Court, became a governor […]


Silver Plate

Lewis (Louis) De Tudert was one of the original directors of the French Hospital. On his death in 1739 he left bequests of £100 each to the French Hospital and the Spitalfields ‘Soupe’. Lewis also gave £50 to the original appeal for the French Hospital and acted as guarantor to ‘inmates’ of the Hospital. In […]

St Colome

Henry de St Colome

Henri de Saint-Colome was part of the original French Committee, led by Philippe Ménard and the merchant Jaques Baudouin. They went on to become the first directors of the French Church, Henri de Saint-Colome was a minister of the Artillery church and a director of ‘La Soupe’. Henri was elected a director of the French […]


Charles John Shoppee

Charles John Shoppee (1823-1897) was an architect and surveyor. Charles built up an important library of architectural work, many of which have been donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Charles was a founder member of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. Charles assisted Browning and Henry Peek in forming the Huguenot Society. He was […]


Robert Lewis Roumieu

Robert Lewis Roumieu was an architect, director and treasurer of the French Hospital. The French Hospital building at Victoria Park, Hackney, was designed by him. A number of plans of the building were donated to the French Hospital by his son RS Roumieu. RS Roumieu also became a director of the French Hospital and their […]



Stephen Romilly was born in Montpellier in 1684. In 1701 he went to Geneva where he met Jacques Saurin and together they made their way to England. Stephen settled in Hoxton, where he established a bleaching business and married Judith de Monsaillier. Together they had four sons. Sadly Stephen died in poverty in 1733. Stephen […]