The Pleydell-Bouverie’s are one of the most distinguished Huguenot families. Laurens des Bouverie was the first of the family to arrive in England where he settled in Sandwich with his wife. From here he set up his first silk factor in Canterbury. Lauren’s descendent, Jacob des Bouverie became the First Viscount Folkestone in 1747 and […]


Sir Henry William Peek

The Peek family trace their Huguenot descent through the Le Maitre Family. The Le Maitres originally came from Dieppe and married into the Peek family in the 1800s. Sir Henry William Peek (d.1898) was director and deputy governor of the French Hospital and was a founder member of the Huguenot Society. He collected a vast […]


Daniel Olivier

Pierre Oliver (or Olivier) was a Huguenot goldsmith who came to London in 1568 with his son Isaac Oliver (d. 1617). Isaac became a pupil of Nicholas Hilliard the greatest limner (painter of ornamental decoration) of his day. He went on to become an accomplished miniature painter. A later descendent, John Oliver, was a silk […]


Louis Montolieu

Colonel Louis Montolieu was lieutenant-colonel of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards and became a director of the French Hospital in 1759. His son, Louis (c. 1761-1822), married Elizabeth Le Heup, daughter of Peter and Clara Le Heup and became baron de Saint-Hippolyte. His painting is shown here. The Monolieu family continued to have ties […]


Sir Jean Louis Ligonier

Jean Louis Ligonier (1680-1770) was the son of Louis de Ligonier of Castres. Jean Louis escaped France at the age of 17 under a different name and reached Dublin in 1697. Jean Louis joined the British Army where he was well respected and eventually became Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. Between 1738 and 1747 he […]



The Lichigaray family descend from Samuel Peter Lichigary who came to Exeter from Orthes in the Pyrenees. Samuel married a lady from Tiverton and their son, also Samuel, became a director of the French Hospital. The Lichigaray book plate, shown here, uses the wreath and ribbon design which was typical of the period 1775-1800.

Le Mann

Michael Le Mann

Michel Le Mann was a director of the French Hospital in 1818. We are currently still researching his family. Come back soon to see our research!

Le Heup

Peter Le Heup

Peter Le Heup (1699-1777) was a banker and the son of one of the original French Hospital directors. He became under clerk to the Treasury in 1721. Just a year later he married Clara Lowndes, daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. By 1752 he was Chief Clerk and Director of Government Lotteries. The House […]