Guy de Vicouse

The Viçouse family were an ancient Languedoc family. They fought in the Battle of Ivry in 1590 which was won by the Huguenots and were said to have been gifted a white plume by Henry of Navarre which now forms part of their family crest. Guy de Viçouse, baron de La Court, became a governor […]


Charles John Shoppee

Charles John Shoppee (1823-1897) was an architect and surveyor. Charles built up an important library of architectural work, many of which have been donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Charles was a founder member of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society. Charles assisted Browning and Henry Peek in forming the Huguenot Society. He was […]


Louis Montolieu

Colonel Louis Montolieu was lieutenant-colonel of the 2nd Troop of Horse Guards and became a director of the French Hospital in 1759. His son, Louis (c. 1761-1822), married Elizabeth Le Heup, daughter of Peter and Clara Le Heup and became baron de Saint-Hippolyte. His painting is shown here. The Monolieu family continued to have ties […]


Henri de Massue

The Earl of Galway (1648-1720) was Henri de Massue de Ruvigny. Henri fought for the British Army at the Battle of the Boyne and founded the military refugee community at Portarlington. Henri also gave an address on behalf of the Huguenot community to King George I, congratulating him on establishing the Protestant succession.


Sir Jean Louis Ligonier

Jean Louis Ligonier (1680-1770) was the son of Louis de Ligonier of Castres. Jean Louis escaped France at the age of 17 under a different name and reached Dublin in 1697. Jean Louis joined the British Army where he was well respected and eventually became Commander-in-Chief of the British Army. Between 1738 and 1747 he […]


Jacques de Gastigny

Jacques de Gastigny fought alongside King William III at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, just months after he gained British citizenship. He was also a member of the French Committee responsible for distributing the Royal Bounty to Huguenot refugees. In his will he left £1,000 to establish the French Hospital, £500 to build […]


François Duroure (1660-1722) arrived in England in 1689 and was naturalised in 1699. Once in England he was commissioned into the British Army, a career into which his two sons Scipio and Alexandre followed. François was made a director of the French Hospital in 1764 and went on to become secretary and Deputy Governor. A […]

De Jean

Lieutenant General Louis de Jean (1706-1764) was one of the great Huguenot military leaders. In 1752 Louis became a Colonel in the 14th Light Dragoons and in the 6th Dragoon Guards in 1757. He was also appointed second in command to General Wade during the campaign in the Scottish Highlands. Eventually settling in Dublin, Louis […]