The Coligny brothers lived during the 16th century. Gaspard de Coligny commanded the armies of France before he became a Huguenot. After this point he led the Protestant campaigns during the Second War of Religion (1567-1570). Gaspard was largely responsible for securing the Treaty of St Germain (1570). This treaty gave the Huguenots freedom to […]


The Chenevix family, from Picardy, arrived in England around 1682. Philip Chenevix became a Major with the 2nd Carabineers where he fought in the famous battle of Blenheim (1704). Philip died in the battle but his son Paul Daniel Chenevix continued the family name. The first records we have of Paul is of his shop in […]

Champion de Crespigny

Pierre Champion de Crespigny

One of the first of the family to arrive in England was Claude Champion de Crespigny who arrived with his wife, the Comtesse de Vierville, and their eight children. The family fled to England following the Revocation from Normandy. Claude was a military leader and once in England became a Colonel under Marlborough. Peter (Pierre), Claude’s […]


Clifford Thomason Beckett

William Beckett was a senior Civil Engineer in the late 19th century. He worked on behalf of the Indian Government constructing the first railway bridges on the East Coast extension of the Bengal to Nagpur railway. In 1901, William was awarded the Gold Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers for a paper on the […]


Louisa Grellier

The André’s were a distinguished military family who served the French Hospital throughout the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The image here shows Mary Louisa André, daughter of Jaques-Pierre André (Director of the French Hospital, 1814) and wife of Richard Grellier (Secretary of the French Hospital, 1856). The most famous member of the André […]