Jean Bosanquet

The Bosanquet family were an important Huguenot family. David Bosanquet was a director of the London Assurance (1729-44), three other members of the family (Samuel, William and Richard) became directors of the Royal Exchange Assurance in the late 18th century and Jacob and Charles Bosanquet were members of Lloyds Insurance during the Napoleonic wars.

David Bosanquet, who had served as a deacon, came to England from Lunel in the south of France. He presented the French Protestant Church in Soho with 8 silver communion cups.

Claude Bosanquet also helped the French church and was the main benefactor of the Èglise Neuve in Church Street, Spitalfields.

Mary Bosanquet was one of the most prominent early Methodist women. She married the Methodist leader John Fletcher (Jean de la Fléchère).

Another member of the family was BJT Bosanquet who was famous for contributing to the game of cricket by inventing googly bowling.