The Cazenove family can trace their routes back to Bas-Languedoc in the late 12th, early 13th century. In 1685 the Cazenove family, like many other Huguenot families, escaped France. Pierre Cazenove, his bother Charles and their sisters Marie and Madeleine fed to Geneva. 20 years later their brother Jean-Pierre followed.

Pierre soon became involved in banking and built up substantial business. He died on 20 December 1733, a rich man. Pierre’s youngest son David was sent to Amsterdam from where he went on to England. It is David who is believed to have been the founder of the English branch of the Cazenove family. David’s eldest son, James, became a merchant in 1775 in St Martins Lane where he worked in partnership with his brother Charles Henry and two other Huguenots, Bourdillon and Reliet. They worked in banking and trading and were the start of a long dynasty of Cazenove’s working in the banking trade which continues to this day.