Champion de Crespigny

Pierre Champion de Crespigny

One of the first of the family to arrive in England was Claude Champion de Crespigny who arrived with his wife, the Comtesse de Vierville, and their eight children. The family fled to England following the Revocation from Normandy. Claude was a military leader and once in England became a Colonel under Marlborough.

Peter (Pierre), Claude’s son, became a free denizen of England in 1690 and was naturalized in 1706. He became a founding director of the French Hospital in 1718. Thomas followed in his father’s military footsteps and became a Captain in Sir Charles Hotham’s Regiment of  Dragoons and their brother Gabriel became a Captain in the Regiment of the Footguards.

Claude (1706-1782), Thomas’ son, was made director of the French Hospital in 1760, but worked for the office of the South Sea Company. His brother Phillippe (1704-1765) also became a director of the Hospital at the age of 30 and secretary of the French Hospital in 1737. We also know that Philippe lived in Champion Lodge, Camberwell.

Phillippe’s son Claude (b 1734) became a Baronet in 1805 but it was his younger son, Philip, from whom all the current male Champion de Crespigny’s are descended from.

The de Crespigny’s have continued to serve the French Hospital through to the 21st Century.