Lewis Andrew de la Chaumette

We cannot be sure if the sketch shown shows the Reverend Louis de la Chaumette but we do know such a Reverend existed. He was probably the child of Jean de la Chaumette and Suzzane Reynaud and was minister of the L’Eglise au Carré in Spitalfields (1760) and the French Church (1762).

It appears Louis lived at No. 20 Fournier Street, Spitalfields. The same record states that he was minister of the Threadneedle Street Church and the Fournier Street Church.

Another Chaumette appears in the parish church of Tottenham. Here, Pew No. 2 was given in March 1821 for Louis Andrew de la Chaumette ‘to sit, stand, and kneel, to hear divine service and sermons therein so long as they, any, or either of them, or their families, shall continue parishioners and inhabitants of the said parish of Tottenham, exclusive of all others’