Le Heup

Peter Le Heup

Peter Le Heup (1699-1777) was a banker and the son of one of the original French Hospital directors. He became under clerk to the Treasury in 1721. Just a year later he married Clara Lowndes, daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. By 1752 he was Chief Clerk and Director of Government Lotteries. The House of Commons Committee uncovered irregularities in the sale of lottery tickets to fund the British Museum. Peter was found guilty, fined £1000 and dismissed from his post.

A Marie Le Heup was a resident in the French Hospital. In 1739 her husband Edward Le Heup wrote to the directors in July. He begged them to prevent his wife from leaving the hospital as “her demented state made his life intolerable”. One of the witnesses to this case was another Edward Le Heup, a weaver of the parish of Christ Church, Spitalfields.