Nicholas Prevost was a Huguenot publisher and bookseller who worked in the Strand, London. He worked for the Vaillant family and married their daughter Suzanne Vaillant. One of the most notable books Nicholas published was a French translation of ‘The Book of Common Prayer’. We have a copy of this book in the Museum which belonged to the Ouvry family.

Other members of the Prevost family included George and John Prevost. This pair were weavers who migrated from Spitalfields to Leek in North Staffordshire. George returned to London but John remained in Leek. John’s son, also called John, walked back to Spitalfields in search of a wife! After his journey he too returned to Leek.

Another branch of the Prevost family journeyed to America. Look behind you at the display of the christening gown to find out more!