Van Sommer

Certificate of the Huguenot Society

Paul Van Sommer came to England and went on to become an engraver. He kept a print shop in Newport Street, near Leicesterfields London, in the 1690s and 1700s. His engravings included one of Israel Antoine Aufrère.

Paul’s son, John Van Sommer (1705-1774) was a silk designer living in Spitalfields. John was apprenticed to Joseph Danridge, the famous silk weaver and designer. After his apprenticeship John joined the firm of Peter Ogier. The pair were later joined by another Huguenot, Charles Triquet. The firm went through various name changes and from 1768 operated under the name ‘Triquet, Vansommer & Chavany’. The firm had a reputation for making lavish furnishing silks and velvets.

William Van Sommer, a later descendant became a member of the Huguenot Society of London in 1885.