Volunteer Spotlight: Graduate Perspective

One of our volunteers, Isobel Belsom talks about volunteering!

As a young volunteer, I am frequently asked why I volunteer.

Like most other recent graduates, I left university looking for exciting new opportunities that would make the most of my new skills, but I was left feeling a bit clueless about where to start. Unlike a lot of other graduates, I didn’t do any sort of placement year, and eventually I came to the conclusion that a bit of work experience was what was needed. While I was wandering around one of Medway’s many Heritage sites, I realised a job in a museum might be the perfect place for me and started to look for placements locally. After contacting the Huguenot Museum, my journey as a volunteer began!

During my time with them I’ve done a lot of work as front of house/gallery assistant, but there have been many ‘extra-curricular’ activities available too. I’ve attended a studio tour with Margo Selby, linking to the exhibition she held at the museum and Art Gallery this year.

I’ve helped with seasonal family events, and been given the opportunity to attend many training sessions such as Dementia Awareness: all of which make being a volunteer with them the perfect way to build up that all important CV.

While there are many activities to get involved in, a big part of the reason I volunteer is the people I’ve met. The staff are always happy to answer any questions I have on how the sector works and museum procedures, but the other volunteers too all hold valuable information. Either they know the answer to any questions I have about the Huguenots, or we can exchange job hunting hints, and so on. Sharing experiences and knowledge is by far the best way to get ahead.