Volunteer Spotlight: Margo Selby’s Weaving Workshop

As a volunteer at the Huguenot Museum and a weaver, the opportunity to attend the Margo Selby Weaving Workshop was too good to miss. The 2-day workshop was held at the museum on the 16th and 17th February 2018.

I have a 4 shaft loom that I use at home and was excited at the chance of using 8 shaft looms with Margo. With 8 shaft looms more complex weave structures can be created. Margo had 8 looms which were all set up using different threadings, these would create a variety of woven patterns. It was a two day workshop and we were able to use 3 or 4 different looms. One loom in the morning and move to another in the afternoon (only if we wanted to).

One of the looms was set up with the Lampas technique, which is a structure that Huguenot Silk Weavers initially developed to create decorative brocade fabrics. Margo uses this weave structure for her simple geometric framed artworks. She uses a loom with a greater amount of shafts for these pieces. Having been inspired by Margo’s art work and using the Lampas set up loom, I wove a piece which was then made into a small wall hanging at home:

Since completing the workshop I have bought my own 8 shaft loom. Using one of the patterns woven on Margo’s loom, I have just finished a length of fabric (photos of my weaving from the museum and another of the completed fabric length, 3 & 4). This will be used to make myself a unique top.

Written by Ann Bowdler

To find out more about the museum’s work with Margo Selby, read about the Exhibition itself here.