Volunteer spotlight: Work Experience

Meet work experience student Ellie, who has written a blog about her experience here.

Obtaining the opportunity to complete work experience at the Huguenot Museum has been a truly enlightening experience and has widened my passion for History even further as a sixth form student. Over the years I have visited numerous museums across the country, however, spending time at the Huguenot Museum has introduced me to the various different roles of the staff who work incredibly hard and has given me a true insight to the working environment for a museum.

Admittedly, before my work experience placement, my understanding of the Huguenots was rather limited. However, completing work experience at the Huguenot Museum has enhanced my knowledge surrounding the Huguenots; I was entirely fascinated by how much the Huguenots shaped our culture in England through their talents in industries such as silk weaving despite the harsh persecution they faced due to their religious beliefs.

Shadowing the team here at the Huguenot Museum has been an insightful experience that I won’t forget. Throughout my work experience placement, I was able to explore how all of the different roles of the team work harmoniously together to ensure the museum is operating in an effective and successful way. This involves not only the front of house, which focuses on practical skills of communication and organisation, but also the behind-the-scenes jobs, such as marketing events and contacting local institutions about the museum.

Throughout my time at the Huguenot Museum, I was particularly fascinated by the way in which the museum reaches out to all ages through their Storytime service every Thursday morning and the variety of family events and activities that they offer throughout the year. I was fortunate enough to shadow Hannah, the Learning and Education Officer of the Huguenot Museum, and it was a great pleasure to work alongside her as we brainstormed new ways of engaging visitors and enabling them to use the workshop events to develop or enhance new or existing skills.

One of the highlights of my week during my work experience at the Huguenot Museum was being able to take a close look at all of the museum’s historical sources in storage and to discover the different ways in which to conserve these delicate documents for the future.

Over the course of my work experience placement, I have had the most insightful and enjoyable experience whilst enhancing my knowledge and understanding of the Huguenots. Not only was this a great experience to improve my historical knowledge, but it also granted me with a true insight into how a museum operates effectively and smoothly. Carrying out my work experience at the Huguenot Museum was incredibly fascinating and I am immensely grateful to all the staff and volunteers for making my week extremely interesting and exciting.