How do I plan a visit?

It’s really easy. Just follow our simple process:

  1. Have a look at our current session offers, if you have an idea in mind don’t hesitate to contact usto discuss this.
  2. Select a few possible dates for a visit. You may book Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm. On a Monday and Tuesday we are closed to the public so you can have the whole museum to yourself!
  3. Talk to us on 01634 789347 or director@hugunotmuseum.org to discuss your requirements and check dates, or if you know what you want fill in one of our booking enquiry form
  4. We might contact your for further details of to confirm dates and then will send you a confirmation of booking, invoice and pre-visit information
  5. If you need to come on a familiarisation visit (Up to 2 group leaders per booking free!) and meet our Learning Officer
  6. Download any additional resources you may want from our website

When are you open?

Monday and Tuesday (Booked school groups only) 10am – 5pm

Wednesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm

Closed on Sundays and Mondays (except Bank Holiday Mondays)

Where are you?

The Huguenot Museum is above the Visitor Information Centre on Rochester High Street.

Is there a coach park?

There is a designated coach drop off/pick up point at the rear of the Museum on Corporation Street (the A2). Coaches may then move to the coach park located a few yards down the road.

How do we get to you?

You can get to us by Road, Rail, Bus or on Foot.

The Huguenot Museum is located above the Visitor Information Centre at 95 High Street Rochester. We have a coach drop off/pick up point at the rear of the Museum on Corporation Street (A2).
Getting here by road:

From the North/A2: Keep on A2, southbound, following signs for ‘Rochester A2’. On exiting M2 stay in right hand land signed ‘Rochester, Strood, A2’. Continue along A2 through Strood and over Rochester Bridge. Follow signs for car parks.

From the South/A2: Follow A2 through Medway Towns following signposts for Rochester. Once in Rochester follow signs for public car parks.

From the West/Maidstone: Follow Maidstone Road into Rochester town. Once here join the A2 and follow as above.

From the West/A228: Follow A228 into Strood, then follow signs to Rochester. Once over Rochester Bridge follow signs for car parks.

Getting here by rail:

The Huguenot Museum’s closest train station is Rochester Station. (It can also be reached from Strood Station). On exiting Rochester Station, cross the road and you will see our building covered in spectacular botanical artwork  ‘Welcome to Historic Rochester.’ Walk through the courtyard and the double doors into the Visitor Centre.

Getting here by bus:

The bus provider for Rochester is Arriva buses: http://www.arrivabus.co.uk/ a number of bus routes regularly stop in Rochester. Please use their website or call 0871 200 22 33 to find the best service for your group.

Getting here on foot:

The Huguenot Museum is located in the centre of Rochester High Street, in the same building as the Visitor Information Centre. Follow pedestrian signs for Rochester High Street and the Visitor Information Centre.

Can we eat our lunch at the museum?

Groups can arrange access to our lunch-room facilities. This is free with a museum-led visit but MUST be booked in advance. Lunch room facilities are £15 with a self-led visit. Bins will be provided for your group. Please ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins and the room is left as it was found. If you require any cleaning materials or extra bin bags please contact a member of museum staff who will be happy to provide them.

Do you have a shop?

Yes, the Museum does have a shop. Do let us know in advance if your group would like to visit the shop so we can factor this into the timings of the sessions. We can also make up gift bags at different prices. Just let us know in advance the amount of money the group will be spending per person and how many gift bags you require.

Is the museum and learning programme accessible?

Physical access: There is wheelchair access to all areas and toilets with disabled access are situated on the 2nd floor. A lift is available from the ground floor. Please let us know if you have students with physical access needs and we can alter our workshops or programme to suit.

Sensory access: Most of our sessions are carried out using object handling and hands on learning. We can provide large print resources on request. Guide dogs are welcome in the museum. Please let us know if you have students with sensory access needs and we can alter our workshops or programme to suit.

Intellectual access: All our learning sessions are tailored to the needs of your group. Just let us know what they are and we will ensure our sessions are pitched accordingly.

Is there somewhere to store our coats and bags?

There is a cloakroom situated within the Learning Space.

Are there any dos and don’ts at the museum?

Please do: Chat, sit on the floor, draw, dress up, laugh, look, discuss, enjoy yourself!
Please don’t: shout, run or disturb other visitors.
Group leaders are responsible for the behaviour of their students whilst at the Huguenot Museum.

What do we need?

Copies of any of the worksheets you may wish to do in the galleries, blank paper, pencils, pens and enquiring minds!

Can we take photos?

Please take photographs as long as it is without a flash.

Running late, what do we do?

If it looks like you are running more than 10 minutes late, please give the museum a call on 01634 789347 with your updated time of arrival.

Oh no we need to cancel!

Cancellations must be made at least 1 week in advance. Any cancellations after this point will result in your group still being charged for your visit. If you wish to reschedule please give us a call on 01634 789347 to discuss further.

How do I get in touch?

Contact our team.

Huguenot Museum, 95 High Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1LX

T: 01634 719347

e: director@hugunotmuseum.org

Send us a tweet @HuguenotMuseum

What does it cost?

Museum led session: £3.50 per child, book two sessions and the second session is £2.50 per child

Experience day: £4 per child

Self-led visit: £2 per child

Bolt on crafts: £2 per child

Lunch room: free with museum led session, £15 for self-led visits

Must be booked in advance. Limited availability.

Outreach: £130 per class per session.

Pre or post visit workshops: £90 per class when booked with a session at the museum