Browse our selection of museum workshops below. For KS4 and above please call us to discuss your requirements. Don’t forget you can always extend your visit at the museum by adding on a bolt on craft

Our hands-on museum workshops last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and are based in our Learning Space here at the Huguenot Museum. All workshops will include use of our handling collection. If you are interested in pre or post visit outreach sessions do call 01634 789347 for more information.

The Apothecary’s Chest: KS3
What did you do before the High Street Chemist? Learn about the gruesome and gory history of 18th century medicine and have a go at writing a recipe to create a cure for an 18th century illness!

Teacher’s Notes: Apothecary’s Chest (PDF)
Curriculum Links: Science, History, Maths, Design and Technology, English

Discovering Families KS3
In this workshop we will learn about family trees from real sources discovered in the museum. You will also have a go at using different sources to uncover the family tree behind one of the portraits in our galleries.

Teacher’s Notes: Discovering Families – KS2, KS3 (PDF)
Curriculum Links: Science, History, Art and Design

Discovering Plants: KS3
The Huguenots were keen botanists and often used this love of plants to inspire their crafts. In this session have a go at hunting plants, learn about early plant collectors and have a go at botanical illustration!

Teacher’s Notes: Discovering Plants (PDF)
Curriculum Links: Science, History, Art and Design, Geography

Wonderful Weaves and Fantastic Fabrics: KS3
What is fabric and how is it made? In this hands-on workshop find out where different fibres come from and how they are transformed into woven fabrics then have a go at weaving! Learn about the importance of fabrics and weaving to the Huguenots.

Teacher’s Notes: Wonderful Weaves and Fantastic Fabrics (PDF)
Curriculum Links: Science, Maths, Design and Technology, History, Art and Design

Refugees Diary: KS3
The Huguenots were forced to leave France because of their religion. How would it feel to be forced to leave your home? What would you take with you? What would you miss? In this literacy based session we will learn about the history of Huguenots and develop our writing skills.

Teacher’s Notes: Refugees Diary (PDF)
Curriculum Links: English, PSHE, History

Study Session: Refugees, KS3, KS4
This in depth study session will use historical Huguenot sources to look at the subject of refugees. In this session we will discuss the difference between refugees and immigration, understand the different reasons why people may have to leave their home and understand the positive impact refugees such as the Huguenots can have on the country they seek refuge in.

Teacher’s Notes: Refugee Study Session (PDF)
Curriculum Links: Citizenship, History, Geography, English

Huguenot School Day, KS3

The experience day is a 4 hour session where students will have the opportunity to step back in time and experience school life as it was for some Huguenot children. Dress up in Huguenot school uniform, sample Huguenot lessons and find out about food and punishments at the Huguenot School!

Teacher’s Notes: Huguenot School Day (PDF)

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Some of our workshops may also be run as outreach sessions. If you are interested in outreach sessions do take a look at our bolt on crafts  and our Arts Awards as these can also be offered as outreach. Call 01634 789347 or email to discuss your requirements.