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Books – Non-fiction & Fiction

Special offer! Buy a signed copy of The Burning Chambers (paperback) and a special edition of The City of Tears (hardback) for just £25.99 plus £5.50 delivery.

The City of Tears – Kate Mosse

£17.99 (RRP £20)

Special signed and numbered hardback edition just released on 19th January 2021.

The second in the quartet about the Huguenots which started with The Burning Chambers. In The City of Tears Minou Joubert and her family are in Paris for a Royal Wedding between the Catholic princess Marguerite and the Protestant King Henri, which was intended to bring peace to France after the Wars of Religion. But, so too is their oldest enemy Vidal. A gripping novel of revenge, persecution and loss, the action sweeps from Paris, Chartres and London to the City of Tears itself, Amsterdam.

The Burning Chambers  – Kate Mosse

Signed Paperback £8.99      

The first of a quartet about the Huguenots spanning Europe, America and South Africa.  A mystery and a love story against the backdrop of the Wars of Religion.

Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians   –  Kathy Chater


If you are embarking on your Huguenot family history this is the book you need to guide you. It is also one of the best outlines of the story of the Huguenots in Britain so you will find it interesting even if you are not doing ancestry research.?

Huguenot Heritage : The History and Contribution of the Huguenots in Britain  –  Robin Gwynn


Revised 2nd edition 2001?. Originally published to great acclaim in 1985 this is the best single volume introduction to the Huguenots in Britain.

The Huguenots of London  –   Robin Gwynn


1998, reprinted 2018

Though this book focuses on London it is a good introduction to the story of the Huguenots in England and particularly useful if your ancestors settled in London.

Spitalfields: The History of a Nation in a Handful of Streets  –  Dan Cruikshank


‘Two thousand years of English history in one neighbourhood’

Spitalfields has seen many waves of immigration, from the Romans to Bangladeshis in the 20th century. Among them were  the thousands of Huguenots who settled there and made and sold silk. The two chapters specifically on the Huguenots are one of the best short introductions to the Huguenots you’ll find.

The Huguenots  –  Geoffrey Treasure


A historical account that encompasses the entire Huguenot experience in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France, from hopeful beginnings and increasing political influence to Catholic reprisals and the repressive edict that forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country.

Galley Slave  –  Jean Marteilhe


The classic first-hand account of the experience of a Huguenot galley slave in the eighteenth-century.

The Blue  –  Nancy Bilyeau


The story of a Huguenot woman caught up in a world of industrial espionage in the early years of English porcelain.

The Silk Weaver  Liz Trenow


The story of an English woman and a Huguenot silk weaver.  Inspired in part by the history of Liz Trenow’s ancestors, the Walters family, who were silk weavers in Spitalfields in the 18th Century.

The Silversmith’s Wife  – Sophia Tobin


A historical thriller based around the death of silversmith Pierre Renard.

Blackberry and Wild Rose  –  Sonia Velton

Paperback £8.99      

Set in Spitalfields in the 18th century, the wife of a master weaver dreams of designing her own silk. Inspired loosely by Anna Maria Garthwaite, who was one of the most important designers working in Spitalfields in the 18th century.

The Voice of Nimes: Women, Sex and Marriage in Reformation Languedoc –  Suzannah Lipscomb


You may be familiar with Suzannah Lipscomb from a variety of TV programmes but this is her area of real expertise. Exploring the archives of court cases she brings Huguenot women to life. 

According to Simon Schama she ‘performs that miracle which only the most powerful historians can execute: using a dense archive to reawaken lost lives: the women of 16th century Protestant Nimes. Here they are to the life, body and soul, faith and feeling, morally intense and sensually driven…destined to be a classic of social history.’

Portrait of a Woman in Silk: Hidden Histories of the British Atlantic World – Zara Anishanslin


Through a portrait of a woman in a silk dress – and the four people who produced, wore and represented it – American historian, Zara Anishanslin explores the culture of empire in the 18th century Atlantic World, from London to Philadelphia. One of our favourites!

The Global Refuge: Huguenots in an Age of Empire – Owen Stanwood


Huguenot refugees were everywhere in the early modern world. French Protestant exiles fleeing persecution following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, they scattered around Europe, North America, the Caribbean, South Africa, and even remote islands in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The Global Refuge provides the first truly international history of the Huguenot diaspora.

La Reine Margot Alexandre Dumas


Saint Bartholomew’s Day 1572. Paris is awash with the blood of Huguenots slaughtered by order of Charles IX. Or perhaps of Catherine de Medicis, one of history’s great monsters? Or the ambitious Duke de Guise? Or the Duke d’Anjou, soon to be the reluctant King of Poland? The answer will be found in the secret passageways of the Louvre and the torture chamber of the fortress of Vincennes. La Reine Margot first published in 1845 is a novel of suspense and drama which recreates the violent world of intrigue, murder and duplicity of the French Renaissance.

Queen Jezebel – Jean Plaidy 


Another classic interpretation of the St Bartholomew’s Day. The ageing Catherine de’ Medici has arranged the marriage of her beautiful Catholic daughter Margot to the uncouth Huguenot King Henry of Navarre. Margot, still desperately in love with Henry de Guise, refuses to utter her vows. But even Catherine is unable to anticipate the carnage that this unholy union is to bring about …

Other books we have in stock include…

The Huguenots in Later Stuart Britain -Robin Gwynn : Vol I. Crisis, Renewal & the Ministers’ Dilemma, Vol II. Settlement, Churches & the Role of London.  Vol I £37.50, Vol II £50.

Bloody Foreigners: The Story of Immigration to Britain – Robert Winder. £ 12.99

The Lodger: Shakespeare on Silver Street – Charles Nicholl. £11.99

From Strangers to Citizens: The integration of immigrant communities in BritainIreland & Colonial America 1550-1750 – Edited by Randolph Vigne and Charles Littleton. £12.50

The following are Huguenot Society Publications.  £15 each.

Travels of Francis Tallents in France and Switzerland 1671-73 

Memoirs of I. Dumont De Bostaquet 

Memoirs of The Reverend Jacques Fontaine 1658-1728

Huguenot Society Journals. £8 each.

Vol XX, No 1 (2013), 2 (2014), 3 (2015), 4 (2016)

Books for young people…


The Boy at the Back of the Class  Onjali Rauf


A new boy called Ahmet comes to school. He’s a refugee, escaping from war. His schoolmates come up with a plan to help him…

Refugee Boy – Benjamin Zephaniah


Alem is a refugee, his father is from Ethiopia an his mother from Eritrea and both countries are at war. A story of love and courage.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit/ Bombs on Aunt Dainty/ A Small Person Far Away – Judith Kerr £6.99 each

Classics of the Second World War, from the perspective of a Jewish child refugee by the much-loved author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea.?

The Journey Francesca Sanna


A young girl & her family are forced to flee the turmoil of war.

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Jenny Wilson

Jenny has been marbling for over 12 years. Hand-marbling is a centuries old craft, involving creating a pattern by floating and manipulating inks and carefully applying them to a prepared sheet of paper. Her papers tend to have a more contemporary look to them, with brighter colours and patterns than many more subdued ‘traditional’ marbles. She describes the craft as ‘highly addictive’.

Lynsey Walters

Lynsey Walters designs and makes wearable wool jewellery and hair accessories from her home in Edinburgh. Her work is strongly coloured and has a delightful nostalgic charm inspired by her own vintage collections and quirky sense of humour.

Felt and Swarovski crystal Holly Brooch. £22 (free P+P).

Melanie Tomlinson 

Melanie works with illustration and metal to create vibrant and intensely detailed artworks that reflect her deep love and passion for nature. She starts by creating original, colourful and highly intricate gouache paintings. She then hand prints and coats the metal before it is cut, folded, coaxed, smoothed and transformed into her beautiful brooches.

Margo Selby 

We held an exhibition featuring internationally-renowned textile artist and designer Margo Selby. This was her first major solo show in the UK and showcased her beautiful hand-woven framed textiles and an archive of her design work which reveals the creative process. We now stock a range of scarves, towels and washbags in our shop.

French Hospital in England


The French Hospital in England by Tessa Murdoch & Randolph Vigne


Discover the story of The French Hospital, founded to support poor Huguenot refugees in 1718 and still in existence today. It’s an extraordinary story of resilience and reinvention as it moved from Old Street, Finsbury to Victoria Park, Hackney in the 19th century to Rochester High Street, after a brief interlude in rural Sussex. Written by two experts in the fields of Huguenot history, art and decorative art, the book is copiously illustrated with images of objects from The French Hospital’s collection, many of which are now on display at the Huguenot Museum.

SKU: 978-0-9524322-7-2 Category:


“This richly illustrated account will appeal to a wide audience including social and art historians and all who are interested in Huguenot heritage”.

This first account of the history of The French Hospital and its collections takes the reader through the days of the refuge in the first La Providence, off Old Street, London, through its near-century in the green fields of Hackney, two World Wars, and its expropriation in the overcrowded post-war borough, then an interlude in rural Sussex and the move to Rochester in 1965.The personalities, achievements and the contemporary social scene are brought to life in this 292-year story.

More than a hundred new photographs featuring the museum’s collections of paintings, engravings, silver, furniture and memorabilia provide a unique visual record.

128 pp. ~ 145 illustrations

11 5/8 × 8 5/8 in. (296 × 220 mm).

Paperback edition: £18.50+ £3 postage and packaging (UK)

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