Previous Exhibitions: Exodus – the journeys of unaccompanied young refugees



The Exodus exhibition concluded at the Huguenot Museum in November 2016. Keep an eye out for our future special exhibitions at the Museum.

On 1 October the Huguenot Museum and British Red Cross opened ‘Exodus: The journeys of unaccompanied young refugees’ its first young refugee artwork exhibition.

Eight boys and two girls under the age of 18 contributed to the project, all of whom fled from an array of troubled countries, including: Albania, Somalia, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Sudan and Iran. They all arrived in the UK alone, travelling from the ‘infamous’ Calais Jungle; seeking asylum after traumatic experiences.

Each piece was an exploration of their personal journey through the asylum seeking system. The artwork included: a patch-work life jacket, sketches of the treacherous journeys through the Libyan Desert and print designs of what ‘life’ means to them.

For completing and presenting their work to the public each young refugee will gain a Bronze Art Award certification.