Previous Exhibition: Collecting Prints

We have lots of prints from the French Hospital Collection in store so Medway Print Festival was the perfect opportunity to put some of them on display. The collection includes images of famous Protestants from across Europe, and depictions of key events in Huguenot history.  They include mezzotints, engravings and lithographs.

The prints reveal some fascinating stories: we have a list, in perfect letterpress, of men condemned to the galley ships for their religion. Another set of engravings was produced to raise money, across Europe, for a Huguenot wrongly convicted (and executed) of the murder of his son.

Some of the prints are not in very good condition so in this display we highlight the problems and challenges of looking after prints, from foxing to the dangers of acidic mountboard. We hope to raise money to survey our whole print collection and continue to conserve the prints to preserve them for future generations.

Medway Print Festival runs from 8-24 June. Our display will be on until mid-July.

See also prints made by young refugees, ‘A Chapter in My Life’, interspersed throughout our permanent displays, until 4 July.